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SPORTS with Superstar Anna Kournikova

Anna Kournikova has been making a huge scene on and off the tennis courts! Anna has been a rage among internet fansites lately, but that hasn't been the only buzz, she has also been doing quite a bit of television coverage and magazine covers lately.

Anna received her first racquet at the age of five when her parents sold their television to buy her a racquet for Christmas. Now , with a 111 mph serve, Anna has been swinging a racquet every since then.

Growing up in Moscow, Anna quickly caught the eye of local tennis scouts. In 1990, at the ATP Tour, Anna was able to show the international tennis world just how much talent she posses. Two years after her showing at the ATP Anna moved to Florida where she trained at Nick Bolletierri’s famed tennis academy.

From a young tennis prodigy to a famed superstar celeb Anna is one of the most watch female athletes in the world. She is the most marketable female athlete of all time. She has a huge following of fans world wide and is also known to have largest collection of fan websites on the internet. Anna is a great tennis player but having appeared on the covers of numerous magazines over the years she is also well known for her beauty.

Anna Kournikova, super tennis star, super beauty, super role model, super  magazine covermodel, all sums up to the new supermodel.
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GQ Volleys With an Ice Maiden-
For years now, men everywhere — tennis fans or not — have known Anna Kournikova as a teeny beauty with even teenier skirts, who has a penchant for baseline shots and Russian hockey stars. This month the budding tennis star clears the air in GQ, emphatically insisting, “Don’t call me Lolita!”